“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!” - Audrey Hepburn
1. I was Born in Prison. 2. Never Knew my Biological Father. 3. Failed 9th & 10th Grade 4. Was Homeless For The Duration of my Community College Experience
5. Was told that college wasn’t for me and that I’d never be  6. Was mocked, ostracized and belittled for choosing to attend community college prior to a 4 year degree 7. Was judged based on my appearance and told that I didn’t fit a certain “image” 8. Was Blessed To Be Raised by my Great-Grand Parents  9. Kept The Faith 10. Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society Honor Society Inductee. 11. The National Society of Leadership and Success Society Presidential Member Inductee 12. Forbes The Culture member & Forbes Under 30 Scholar 13. Harvard Divinity School Div Ex Fellow & Harvard Prison Divestment Campaign Member 14. From The Hood For The Hood Founder 15. Collaborated with Eminem 16. First Black Student Body President of Henry Ford College 17. HFC Diversity Task Force Initiative Founding Member 18. Activist 19. ACLU Advanced Advocacy 2x Alum 20. (NABJ) National Association of Black Journalists Professional Member 21. Social Entrepreneur 22. Honors Student 23. Was Blessed with awesome God Parents and extended family by way of The Mobley’s 24. Just Graduated with Honors with a Bachelor of Science in Music and Entertainment Business from Ferris State University I said all this to say: The good will always outweigh the bad you just have to keep pushing through life, trusting in God, and walking within YOUR Purpose no matter what a hater or society in general has to say